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"For 5 years, we have been using Cats at Home for our cat, Porscha. We have booked at short notice, had to prolong cat sitting visits while we were away due to unforeseen delays, request special care when Porscha has been ill, and even have Lana drive in adverse weather conditions to undertake a visit. Therefore, when we go away, we never worry about leaving Porscha because we know she is in excellent hands, and Cats at Home will give her the same amount of attention and care as we do"
"Lana has looked after my two, extremely fussy, Siamese boys Aristotle and Plato, for a number of years. They are always happy, relaxed and content when I return from holiday and I can tell that they have been thoroughly spoilt and cherished. I can highly recommend Cats at Home" Jim.

"Cats at Home. Thank you for looking after 'the gang' so wonderfully, when we are away. It genuinely makes our holiday more enjoyable knowing the cats are in such good hands"

Daisy and George
"Lana from Cats at Home is a god-send. We can go away, safe in the knowledge that our little cats, Daisy and George, are happy and really looked after. Daisy and George love being able to stay at home when we go away - a wonderful alternative to a cattery. I can't recommend Cats at Home enough!"

"Dear Lana. Thanks for everything this year (and last) - I don't know what we'd have done without you"

"I adopted Cassis in August 2007 and she was a very scared and timid young cat, terrified of all strangers. At the time I was having to spend a few days away from home every 6 weeks or so and I really didn't want to put this little cat through the trauma of a cattery and so I was delighted when a colleague at work recommended Lana and her 'Cats at Home' cat sitting service to me. I have now left Cassis at home, under the very trustworthy care of Lana and 'Cats at Home', many times over the past 2 years. Cassis has become playful and confident around Lana. I cannot recommend 'Cats at Home' highly enough and I feel great relief when I go away and know that Cassis is being safely looked after, in her own secure and familiar environment"
Charlie & Oscar
"I have been using Cats at Home now for a number of years and would highly recommend them. Lana is lovely and provides an excellent service. She is very caring and also efficient and reliable. I feel confident to go away on holiday knowing that my two cats, Charlie and Oscar, will always be well looked after."

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